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                       鼎宇橡塑制品有限公司是一家集開發、生產、銷售於一體的自主權公司,擁 有開發、生產的整套先進設備和技術, 專業生產矽膠制品, 包括矽膠而那一个劲密封圈,矽膠餐具,矽膠蛋糕@ 模√,刷子,刮刀等廚房用品。對食用矽膠制品工藝流程有超強的技術和經∏驗,產品符合FDA、LFGB、SGS檢驗標準。公司集多年積累的經驗、先進丝毫不放松警惕的生產設備、技術精湛的制作工藝、科研人員的不斷開發和現代企業的經營长椅上管理模式,產品遠▽銷歐美、中東、港澳臺等國家和地區,公司本著'質量第一、顧客至上'的企業經營宗旨,秉承’誠信服務,開拓創新’的企業發为了这一次展理念, 靠專業的技術實力、全新的改革創意、熱誠十月无月的服務態度、良好的誠信譽贏得廣大用戶的信任和支持。公司真誠地歡迎海內外客商前來參觀、洽商。


                    Tridentek Silicone Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., is developed, manufactured, sale in one of Autonomy Company. It has a set of advanced equipment and technology with development, production. Professionally produce of silicone products, including silicon rubber sealing ring, tableware, cake molds, brush, scraper and other kitchen products. We hold some superior technology and experience at food grade silicone products process, there are FDA, LFGB, SGS inspection report. Tridentek collects to accumulated experience over the years, advanced production equipment, exquisite technology to produce, the continuous development of scientific research personnel and the modern enterprise management mode. Our products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, GPRDUEC and other countries or places. The company spirit of ‘Quality First, Customer First’ business purposes, The concept of enterprise development is uphold the 'integrity services, exploration and innovation’. Win the majority of users of the trust and the support, from relying on professional technical strength, the newest reform ideas, sincere service attitude, a good reputation and so on. Sincerely welcome all of customers come to visit or negotiate.